AWG Has Another Record Year!

Associated Wholesale Grocers (AWG) has reported consolidated net sales of $8.9 billion for 2014, up 6.6 percent over the prior year and up $1.1 billion over two years ago. Same-store sales were up 3 percent over the prior year.

Operating income was a record $231 million, up $30 million or 15 percent from the previous year. Income return to retail members was $195 million, up $12 million from the prior year. Total cash distribution returned to shareholders, including interest, allowances and patronage, was $547 million, or 7.8 percent of qualifying sales, up $25 million from the prior year.

Gross margins within the cooperative, including cash discounts paid by suppliers, were down again to 5.69 percent, indicating lower fees paid by retailers. Operating costs were reduced 10 basis points to 3.1 percent. Trading value for class A shares increased 4 percent to $1,840 per share.

Jerry Garland, president and CEO of AWG, said “Our consistent performance is a testament to the cooperative model where everyone has the same opportunity for success, and where transparency in the numbers breeds trust.”

In other AWG news, the company’s board has elected Barry Queen as its new chairman, replacing Bob Hufford, who is retiring after serving as the previous chairman for 11 years. Queen is only the third chairman that Kansas City, Kansas-based AWG has elected over the last 38 years. He operates stores under the Price Chopper banner in the Kansas City metro area. Don Woods Jr. of Woods Supermarkets in Bolivar, Missouri, was elected vice-chairman.

AWG is the nation’s second largest cooperative food wholesaler and has more than 600 member-owners and services more than 3,000 retail outlets in 31 states.

Shelby Report Online – 3/23/15

Homeland Employees Buy Chain From AWG

OKLAHOMA CITY A group of employees has acquired the corporate supermarkets that had been operated by Associated Wholesale Grocers of Kansas City, Kan., the companies said Wednesday.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed. It was executed effective Dec. 27 through the formation of a new company that will convert to an employee stock ownership plan, or ESOP. Continue reading

Another Record Year for AWG

AWG reported record net sales of $7.25 billion on a consolidated basis, and distributed a record $151.6 million in year-end patronage at its Annual Shareholders meeting on Sunday, March 20, 2011. AWG’s sales represented a $196 million increase over the previous year, or 3%. Continue reading

Alco Closes all Duckwall Stores

Duckwall-Alco closing all of its Duckwall stores


Kansas-based retailer Duckwall-Alco has announced plans to close its 44 Duckwall stores and reallocate its resources to the company’s 214 Alco stores in 23 states. Continue reading


Steven Tate has recently purchased the store in Maury City, TN.  The store is now called Tate’s Food Rite.  Steven was previously the district manager for Joey Hays and his stores and did a great job!  He had the opportunity to purchase the store in Maury City and took it.

Congratulations, Steven.  You should be proud.  We are proud to call you a friend!


“AWG reported record net sales of $7.06 billion on a consolidated basis, and distributed a record $145.7 million in year end patronage, at its yearly shareholders’ meeting over the weekend.  Annual sales for Kansas City, KS-based AWG represented a 3 percent, $204 million increase over the previous year, while its year-end patronage rebate amounted to 2.6% of qualifiying warehouse sales – another record-setting feat for the co-op.  In total, including allowances, AWG rebated $447.7 million to its members in 2009, up $27.3 million or 6.5%, while internal gross margins remained even, compared with the prior year. Continue reading


We have just been alerted that Hungry Hound is now the number one dry dog food in AWG Springfield.  This fact is based on 2009 case sales.

This accomplishment was achieved with great support from Shawnee Milling Pet Food and tenacity by Blackford Brokerage.

Please let us know if you would like to move your brand to the number one position.


The dates for the AWG Spring food show dates how now been confirmed.  Here they are:
Kansas City – April 21st
Springfield – April 29th (same day as Memphis)
Memphis – April 29th (same day as Springfield)
Nashville – April 15th
Oklahoma City – No Show
Fort Worth – No Show
Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


We would like to congratulate Charlie Owen on his retirement effective in late Apri, 2010.  Charlie has been a great team member for the Ball’s team and a key player in the Kansas City Grocery Market.  Charlie has been and will continue to be a friend of Blackford Brokerage!

Taking Charlie’s place will be Dave Zieber.  Dave will take over the loyalty marketing department.  Pete Raith will take over for Dave and will become the Grocery/Frozen/Dairy Buyer for Ball’s.  Congratulations to Pete and Dave!